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We take the issues surrounding customer privacy extremely seriously and this document lays out our policy and is intended to make it clear to our customers how we gather information about them, to what purposes it is used for and why we collect it. Should you have any questions or concerns relating to our use of your personal information we ask you email us at
Reason for collection of data on our readers
The information is gathered on website visitors in a number of ways and include surveys, competitions, registration to receive electronic newsletters and emailed updates and software that records some information about the visitor such as their ISP, country of origin and length of visit. This information enables us to develop the site(s) to meet the requirements of our readership and customers, to deliver to you information that you have registered to receive, to improve the products we supply the market and to be able to sell advertising on some of our websites or in some of our electronic newsletters. However it must be noted that in the instance of creating demographics for marketing purposes this is aggregated information and potential advertisers are given no sight of individual's personal data.
When you provide your email address to us it will be used to communicate with you to answer a specific question you have put to us either by email/letter/feedback conference or telephone, or to send to you an electronic newsletter, update on articles or update on our products. To receive the latter you will have registered on a website to do so or at the time of purchase of one of our products (details of CIX Online Internet services can be seen at If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from any of our mailings you may do so by choosing the automatic unsubscribe link to be found at the foot of all newsletters or update emails that we send.
Use of cookies
We use 'cookies' to track advertising information and website usage. We also use cookies to provide functionality in some of our services. A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to your computer via your browser and is stored on the hard drive. It enables the website next time you visit to remember who you are. However you have control over whether or not you wish to receive the cookie. Similarly your browser can be set to automatically block all cookies. However blocking all cookies may stop a service provided in one of our products from working.
Articles submitted by you for publication
If you submit an article for publication on one of our sites, or provide feedback to us on any item(s) on one of our sites by whatever means (letter/email/feedback) be aware that although our terms & conditions prohibit republishing by third parties, other than for personal use, the nature of the Internet is that others may publish elsewhere. We cannot take responsibility for this and it is unlikely we will take legal action to seek redress.
Electronic newsletters, updates and web content
Our newsletters may contain not only information on our own products but also promotions or advertisements from various other businesses or information on other sites or services that we offer. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter you may do so by choosing the automatic unsubscribe link to be found at the foot of all newsletters or update emails that we send. We do not provide your personal details to any of these third party companies.
Email addresses for forwarding content
Our sites sometimes include a facility to forward a published article or feedback message to a friend or colleague. To do this you must provide the intended recipient's valid email address and name. This information is not used for newsletters or promotions.
Third party links from our site
Our sites may carry banner adverts placed by third parties. Clicking these banners will take you to those party's sites. We do not have control over the privacy policies on these sites and clarification on any issue relating to the private privacy policy of any of these third parties must be obtained directly from those companies.
We sometimes run surveys via our websites. This is used to give feedback on, our product sets, the relevance of articles we publish to our readership. collect demographic information and other information that we may find useful. These surveys are optional. We may share non-personal, aggregated information with third parties.
While we strive to keep the information that you supply directly or indirectly secure please be aware that the Internet is not a fully secure medium.

If we are directed by a government authority for provision of your personal details to a government directed body we are likely to comply.

Policy changes
Use of our site constitutes acceptance of our privacy policy. Changes to this policy may occur from time to time and such changes will be published on our website(s).

Updated October 2014